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So based on the list David provide is a 406b or 407 a "Collar"... ? IS it something we can decern in a meat inspection?
Thanks for the input cracker... it makes more sense now, since I have never seen one of these collar roasts. Just heard about them. I'm too cheap to buy meat from SRF LOL.

I am fine whipping the arse of anyone cooking $3.99 pork collar with my $1.59 butts from RD or Sams.

Bring the cheaters, I feel like I am winning my share and the cooks I care about beating I know aren't cheating... It's heads up every week.

Bottom line is I'm gonna follow the rules. If that means a new rule about inspection at 10 am is needed, to deal with cheaters, so be it...I will follow that too... just like the silly spin on the parting rule. Is it needed... I think the "interpretation" is excessive, but I ensure I follow it.

Time to start cooking!!!
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