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You know, where Jorge may be going, and I'll take it regardless, I think the rules as they sit are pretty sound. They describe one of three cuts of meat which are given industry standard names which qualify for the prok category, and if you wanna get technical, they all really come from the same primal. Once you have the cut, you can trim away as much as you want, and still use it as long as it stays at or over 5 lb pre-cooked weight. If whatever you have is not given the same name, but falls within a subset of the whole shoulder, it should be legal. If my butcher sold Boston butts as "Fred," they'd still meet the IMPS definition of a bitt and be legal, right? Since collar isn't defined as something else, it could very well be the same thing as a Boston butt. As long as it does not include meat outside of the shoulder primal, I think it's fine...if you can get them to ship you one over 5 lb.

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