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Default want to get into the BBQ Business

Hi Folks,

Recently, I have been asked by quite a few folks about how to get into the business. Most folks think if they can smoke or grill well they are ready for the business. However you will find there is much more than the cooking process. Below I will attempt to bullet other important factors:

Have the ability to drum up business or market your business. Get a decent professional looking website. Do not let your spouse talk you into doing it as a hobby.
Have the ability to research and try recipes you have never tried such as smoked tofu with raspberry chipotle sauce.
Keeping your books.
Understand your equipment needs (smoker/grills, refrigeration, etc)
Investing your initial profit back into the business. Whilst getting started plan on upgrading equipment to good chafers versus wire frames, Cambros instead of igloos, etc. Try not to use credit if possible.
Hiring and maintaining quality staff. Remember these folks represent your business.
It is just as important to clean as it is to cook. Your food will taste much better out of a clean smoker/grill than one that is used constantly with no cleaning. The little black crunchies do not make your grub better; it actually contributes to a rancid taste in your food.
Patience with clients. If you cannot take the time to go back and forth answering questions you think are dumb with a client, this business is not for you. You will re-visit your contract several times before an event, especially weddings (numbers increase, adding additional items, etc.)
Learn Serv-Safe criteria. Get to know your Health Department regulations and/or requirements.
Never think you know it all, there is always room for growth
Research good sources for procuring food items and other goods for your business.
Do not dare do this without insurance.
Be prepared to work long grueling hours.
Make sure your crew is paid before you touch the dough.

These are my initial thoughts. Feel free to add and I will make a comprehensive list.
Peace and Smoke,

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