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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
That's a good plan on using the MAPP torch and informing your neighbors Scottie. Really above board! I know it's a dead horse, and I am not now, nor have I ever really tried to get FECs deemed illegal. My whole point in bringing it up is that people were quoting the rules to declare that something which is labled "collar" illegal because it is not labled one of the three cuts listed in the rules. Quoting the rules alone does not end the discussion, because there can always be exceptions which do not follow them, as pointed out here.

I think that it's reasonable to expect someone that has a done a contest or two, to be able to determine what cut of meat they are purchasing and being sure that it is either legal or not regardless of what the label says.

I rely on the rules, because that is what everyone is allegedly supposed to be following.

I understand your intent. I also understand that there are clearly people that have gone out of their way to gain some advantage, and are not within the rules as they are currently written.
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