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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
As for rule 6 and the FEC100, this could be argued until we are all blue in the face, but the rule says "Propane or electric is permitted as fire starters, provided that the competition meat is not in/on the cooking device." There is no minimum level of heat required, just like there is no maximum level of loin defined in the schoulder section. In at least some models of FEC100 and Traeger grills, an electric fire starter will turn on if the fire goes out. If they get a pass because of the low BTU output of those starters, that's fine, and I'm not arguing the intent nor the spirit of the rule, but I can't see how a reasonable person could deny that it is an exception if not violation to the letter of the rule. Goose, gander, and all that!


Having cooked on FE's my entire career. I will tell you this. If you have to restart your pit, you take your meat out and light the fire. I prefer using a MAPP torch because it lights the fire faster. I also let my neighbors know what I am doing so there is never a question of what I was doing. This whole issue has been brought before the BOD on numerous times and each time they rule the exact same way. I believe the last time these issues were brought up was during the time of having the BOD of disect every rule that competitiors would bring up. Instead of reading around a rule, they should follow the rule. Plain and simple.

If you do not like a rule, bring it to the Rules Committee and they will present it. I can tell you that you are beating a dead horse on the FEC issue.

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