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We are back on track, some changes have been made and just in the short time I was thinking about doing a continuous feed I've noticed several popping up on the internet from all over.

So, I've decided against it and will be doing a standard vertical smoker with some outrageous features. This will be a one of kind smoker, solid and have a good size capacity. I'm especially excited about this build because we have been asked and it's a great honor to build a smoker for the "BUSHMASTERS" BRAVO COMPANY 1-16TH INFANTRY from Fort Riley, KS. This company was deployed over a week ago to Afghanistan for 12 months and we plan on presenting them with their very own custom smoker when they return.

I'll post updates as often as possible. Thank you all who have shown interest in our new product. I appreciate it very much.

James Stephens
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