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I do not plan on using them, BUT.
I would argue that the only thing that makes them illegal would be that they are under 5 lbs. You get a hold of a "pork collar" according to the description above and it's over 5 lbs it is perfectly legal. Aside from it being the very definition of a bone out boston butt, if it is any part of a whole shoulder that weighs at least 5 pounds, it's legal.
We cannot "part", but we certainly can much as we want as long as we stay above 5 lbs.
Doesn't matter who does the trimming.. you or the butcher.. if it was a legal piece of meat to start with and you did nothing illegal to it.. it's still legal.
It is neither outside the letter or spirit of the rule.
What is stamped on a package does not make a piece of meat illegal if the cut inside it is legal.

As above.. I don't know exactly what SRF is selling, but if it conforms to the above description, it's only illegal because of weight.
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