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Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
But if the seller specifies it as a collar then it's not a butt or a picnic and besides it's not five pounds. Anybody who uses it is cheating. This kind of creative interpretation is a real problem.
I'm not even talking about the under 5 lbs thing... that can't be argued... it's either 5lbs (+) or it isn't.

But to say that a label has to say "boston butt" ("picnic", or "whole shoulder") specifically is a bunch of whoey. I've bought butts and picnics that just said "pork shoulder" on the labels, others (butts) have said "Boston blade roast" (this one says boston, but not butt) or "pork shoulder - butt" (this one says butt, but not boston).
I've also bought whole shoulders that also said "pork shoulder". Did it need to specify 'whole'? Lots of meat cut names change by region. You should go into the country with some 'good ole boys' and help slaughter hogs and hear what they are calling different cuts.

As I said in the post above, I have know idea what SRF is selling. I've never bought one from them. So I'm not saying what they are selling is legal.

All I'm saying is from the description of what a "collar butt" (above), that it would appear that it should be legal (if over 5 lbs) because it is just a trimmed up upper shoulder just like a "boston butt". It is part of the shoulder, not meat that is from near the shoulder.
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