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Last time I had left over brisket - or pork loin - made an old-fashioned casserole.

Cubed the meat
Boiled a bag of egg noodles till almost done
Made a beef gravy for the brisket
Made a chicken gravy for the pork
Seasoned the gravy with head country, a little hot sauce, salt, pepper, some whoositcher sauce. whatever you like in your gravy. Keep the flavor close to the flavor of the meat. Go easy on the salt.
Don't make the gravy too thick. It will thicken and be absorbed by the noodles when cooked in the casserole.
Diced up some celery, diced garlic and onions - sauteed until soft
Drained a can of diced tomatoes. Saved the tomatoes, ditched the liquid.
Lighhtly beat two eggs.

Dump all ingredients into a casserole dish. Mix it up. Stir in a large pack of shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

Top with breadcrumbs. Bake until bubbling.

No left overs here dude.
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