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I think you mis-understood a little bit. I was not even bringing up the whole parting or returning to the cooker thing. I was just talking about disruptive behaviour of requiring I go through a second meat inspection right when I'm in the middle of dealing getting one or more competition meats off the cooker and another on, and that to show my completed meat to some one I'd have to break whatever holding environment I've created for it. Sure it's an obstacle that could be overcome like most any other, but why punish the good? For my money and opinion, I'd rather see stricter rules around the original meat inspection: Actually train the meat inspector to know what a butt looks like. Require receipts or case labels or pack labels showing what you are serving. I work in software development, and there are two opposing ways to tackle piracy in that field: One is the Microsoft way of make it so hard to do anything that people resent you for it. The other is the Oracle way of realizing that if some one's gonna steal your product, he's gonna find a way to do it. Allow any one to use your software, but make it known that if some one is found in violation of the rules around it, he will be sued. If some one really wanted to flaunt this collar rule, he'd still bring a butt for inspection, still throw it on the cooker to show the rep at 10am, and do whatever he wanted with his collar. Is it worth punishing every one else for that? Trust in Kharma man:)

Anyway, if you feel strongly, let's continue this some where else. Otherwise, let's just agree to disagree, eh?

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