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I'd rather to lose some heat on my meat... Besides you can still put the WHOLE butt or brisket back on and not break any rules, than to get beat by teams that are cheating... this whole pork thing from parting to using different cuts of pork are ridiculous. I go out there with a pork butt and want to kick someone's ass with a pork butt. Now if folks are breaking rules like parting and using a cut of meat that is not legal, I guess that just levels the field for all of those that can't cook pork and will bring guys that can cook pork back to their inability too cook the category?

The penalty of people using illegal meats is a bigger one for me than me losing a little heat by opening my meat for inspection. And trust me, you are not losing any heat... My pork sits for 4 hours before I turn it in and it will burn my hands if I don't have special gloves on... So that is not a very good reason to make sure that teams aren't cheating with pork collar. In my opinion of course...

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Not to get too far off topic, but I see problems with this: If the meat is still in a cooker at 10:00, then you have to open the cooker and release heat to show it to the rep. If the meat is wrapped in celophane, foil, and a towel, and sitting in a warm cooler with three other pieces of meat on top of it, that's even more disruptive.

I agree that the rules should be enforced, but I don't like this particular method of doing it....just MHO.


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