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So what was my day like.. you ask?? .. lets just say i didn't get much work done. :)

Day was speant out in the driveway, getting the wood to dry... cooked up 5 lbs of bacon, in 1 lb clips. do u know how fast u can eat bacon one slice at a time when neighbors are coming by cause the whole street smells so good??? .. anyway.. 5 lbs of bacon. 3 fatties, 3 chicken boobs, a small package of wings, 4 vidalia onions and 10 shell steaks.

Tomorrow will be a couple salmon fillets(thanks Tim):) some country ribs and whatever else i head to costco for.

The pit performs great. Very even temps.. hot spot is similar to the vertical in the BYC. Bottom shelf is coolest, hottest is directly below the chimney, one shelf down from top.

It pushed over 450 degrees with a chimney of lump and 2 splits. 1 oak, one hickory. Once the coalbed was there it ran at 250 for nearly 4 hours before needing a reload for a coalbed at 210. Used up a log or 2 of cherry in the meantime. 2 scoops of lump and a log got it back up to 300 and closing the damper halfway brought it to 250 again. it works well enuf to hold 210-250 on a very very small fire....once stuff gets hot.

Pit performs excellent. I ran it the entire day without the waterpan. It seems to big. i think i may modifying it a bit, but will try it with the waterpan tomorrow and see what it does.

One of my neighbors came over while i was sitting in the drivway, enjoyin a sliced shell steak smothered in bacon and onions. Had a beer in my lap, feet up on the shelf to the cooker,, life was good. Its been a long winter, felt good to hang out, catch some sun and tend a fire for a few hours. I forgot how relaxing that is. I really was just kicked back, something i didnt intend on doing today, and havent done in a while. It amazing how the swett blue can mellow ya out. :) Gelnn came over, we shared the steak and onions.. he sampled the fatties.. then was heading home and stopped,,, thought for a minute and said.. ..."after eating THAT.. i have to go home and eat some CRAP my wife is going to make fro dinner.. thats just not right.... ". I suggested a costco run.. :) told him grab a prime rib or some steaks and I'll cookem up.

He was back in 25 minutes with 2 4packs of shell steaks!!!. and i get to cook some more. :) made up 6 more steaks for him in the chamber.. grilled 2 over the coals. All in all. a great day.. instead of working at my desk and delaing with meetings.. sat outside.. just me and the smoke. :) and a bigass new Mother of all Banderas. :)
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