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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
I've read many comments referring to the inability to "shake the coals".

Why don't Y'all just kick the bottom of the drum to knock the ashes down?

No need to open up the drum, just give 'er a couple swift kicks at the base. Ash will drop, and she'll start purring again.
Actually I don't know what the problem is with ash. I never kick mine or have a need to shake or anything. My fire basket I made is just simply wrapped around a coal grate for the 22 inch Weber; the coal grate measures out to be under 18 inches. And I made feet using long bolts.. which make it stand like around 2.5 inches. The whole thing sits on top of another smaller barrel lid catching the ash that falls, making it a snap to clean by just lifting the whole thing out.

This is nothing different from what everyone else seems to do, and I never have a desire to shake anything. :) Maybe it's a personal problem? haha But the thing will run just fine for 10, 12 hours whatever.
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