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A couple of years ago I made a few quid on some shares (we're talking tens of pounds here not hundreds or thousands...I'm no City trader!!!!)
So, anyway with my new found wealth, did I pump it back into more stock? did I spend it on little bit's 'n' pieces that you need but never get round to buying? No!, I went to the butchers and had him mince up some aged rump, aged ribeye and onglet for me....I then turned this delectable mix into burgers, let them rest overnight...and they were GOOOOOD!!!
The rump gave it some chewiness (in a good way), the ribeye the fat and the onglet a lovely 'beefy' flavour.

Man, I have burgers that I made out of regular supermarket mince for dinner I have reminded myself of these beauties tonight's efforts will no doubt have me whining like a 12 year old girl with a skinned knee for some more rump, ribeye and onglet 'specials'!!!!
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