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Alan, it sounds to me that the manager likes you and wants to give you a raise. There are a number of things to consider. Since this is for charity, I am guessing that all this is deductible as far as Sam's is concerned. That means not only that they are not paying your taxes, but they are deducting your salary and saving their corporate taxes. This means this "labor" is very cheap for them. The other thing is you're giving up your weekends for this. If I'm giving up my weekends, I would expect an extra 50% on top of a "normal" wage (whatever that is in this profession). My take on this is that he likes you and your work and wants to make sure it is worth your while. My thinking is to calculate approximately what you are getting paid now and increase it by 30-50%. You're making a big commitment to this and if I were the manager I'd be happy to have someone I liked committed to this and I'd also be happier to make sure it was worth their while.
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