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Originally Posted by eugeque View Post
I followed this tutorial two weeks in a row. The first attempt was a 6.5 pound pre-seasoned super-trimmed packer. It went cold into the smoker fat-side up at 250 for almost 10 hours and until both the point and flat were "tender". The idea was to smoke it 1.5 hours per pound.

The brisket turned out overcooked and dry due to the fat-side being up. Taste was good so it got turned into chopped beef and chili. And I got a good idea on how to treat a brisket in the BGE.

The second was a 10 pound untrimmed packer. I let it come to room temp overnight before applying a simple dry rub consisting of homemade garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, salt and fresh-ground pepper. Went into the smoker fat side down.

I tested it at 6 hours just for giggles and big surprise! It wasn't done! Then at 10. The flat wasn't quite there. Another hour and it was ready. So a total of 11 hours in the BGE and it came out PERFECT!

Not to toot my own horn overmuch but this is the absolute best brisket I've ever had including anything available locally. Sorry Rudy's...

Thanks and kudos to bigabyte for the remarkable and simple tutorial. Brisket made easy.
Each person has their own belief on which way the fat side should go, but I am convinced it works best as a heat shield. If your heat comes from below (like in a BGE), then I cook fat side down. If the heat comes from above (like in an offset because the heat goes to the top of the cooker and flows out to the stack) then the fat side goes up. Not everyone agrees with that though, and as long as they can turn out good brisket with their method, that's all that matters.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the brisket.
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