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Originally Posted by Southern Home Boy View Post
I actually built mine inside a larger, 85 gal drum that I use as a "shell":

... (skipping pictures in quote.. click on the little arrow to jump to original post)

There's another Brother here - Smokin' Joe - who did the same thing (I shigged his idea ) The biggest difference is his is insulated with rock wool and mine just uses the air gap as an insulator.

I can lay my hand on the outside of the drum anytime during a cook and just hold it there. It gets warm, but not hot enough to burn and the shell does a good job of keeping it from losing heat to the wind or rain.

The lid is still an issue. I haven't come up with a way to insulate the lid yet that I'm willing to try.

At the end of the day, I don't think it matters too much though.
Hey man.. I just have to say that your smoker is fantastic! Not necessary, but at this point looks like you're having fun and being creative. I do wonder why the 3 air intakes to come from the bottom of the barrel and all coming out the same side.
As for the need, like the dude from MN wrote, I too smoke in very cold temps (from CT) with or without wind and I still am able to get a good 10+ hours on 1/2 a bag of charcoal without any additional insulation. The insulation idea I was trying to figure out with my POS offset smoker because THERE it matters. So I have a welder's blanket for that.. but once I built UDS I am not really looking back.
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