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Default First time Smoked Turkey (pron)

Smoked a 20# turkey on my Meadowcreek offset tonight. Brined using PatioDaddio's recipe with slight modifications due to available ingredients. Brined overnight in a tub in the refrigerator. Drained and rubbed down with canola oil. Seasoned with Montreal Chicken Seasoning top and bottom.

Following 'Daddio's advice I brought the offset up to 325* before dropping the bird on the lower grate. Put it on breast side up straight on the grate. Had a large aluminum foil pan for later.

Fired up the pit using about 5 lbs unlit K topped with a full chimney of K followed by two small cherry splits. Let the fire get good and hot before closing the door and slowly bringing down the vents. About every 30 to 40 minutes after I got her up to temp I dropped one or two small cherry splits onto the fire to keep the temp up to 325*. Temps varied from 325* to 365* for about 4.5 hours.

The end result shattered my highest expectations for a smoked turkey. Having never smoked a turkey I tried to follow other's advice (PattioDaddio thanks again). The breast meat was tender and incridibly juicy. I don't think the pron does this bird justice. With about an hour left in the cook I put the bird into the foil pan to catch some gravy drippings.

Pulled the dark meat and sliced the breast meat for later. Have all the bones in a stock pot and all the drippings and skin in the oven cooking down for gravy. I will never eat another turkey that isn't brined and isn't smoked. Thanks for looking.
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