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Originally Posted by VisionQuest220 View Post
I tried using the original Kingsford Charwood product a few years ago. I started a chimney full of the stuff and it was like the 4th of July! Sparks flew everywhere! Once lit, I poured it into the firebox of our old backyard offset and it was like having a firebox full of Rice Krispies. Lots of Snap, Krackle and Pop!

John, regarding the ash: I understand that the weight of the ash was different but the volume was the same. I have only used Comp K once and I had a real problem with what I called "ash blow" meaning that there was ash all over the food. Now someone I told about this thought it might have been caused by the Stoker I use having blown the ash around but it has never happened when using Blue K and a Stoker. Also, another person I know had the same "ash blow" thing happen to him with Comp K, also in an 18.5 WSM but without a Stoker attached to the cooker.

Do you think that the similar volume of ash might indicate that the Comp K ash is, for lack of a better word, fluffier than the Blue K ash and therefore more prone to becoming airborne within a cooker?
thats interesting. i wonder if its the extra binders in teh KF blue that make it heavier and since the comp litterly only has one binder, it makes it more lighter and fluffy. I know rancher has this issue with me. its like a dang tornado of ash when i open the UDS at times.
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