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Originally Posted by CosmicCookin
I thought folks weren't supposed to "hijack" posts in this forum. Seems to us (Cosmic Cookin') the moderators tend to do just so. Shame on you.

We take exception to the previous posts. Sorry guys. We need no lessons in brotherhood, comradery or understanding. We lived what we believe in this weekend and didn't have to explain it to a soul.

Y'all keep doin' what you're doin' and have fun with it, but we know you've turned several people off by offering your concepts of brotherhood and deleting posts refering folks to other sites for cooking tips.

Ya wanna learn how to cook competitvely. We're available and willin' to share. We don't have time for silliness because as we're breakin' down a site at one location we're mentally gettin' ready for the next.

As we stated before, you have to have thick skin in order to compete and stay competitive.
Very eloquent post, Thank You.

I apologise profusely for Hi-Jacking your post.

We are but amateurs here--sorry for any slights you may have felt.

I do have a very large and diverse family here. One that goes well Beyond BBQ. We do not live totally in the world of competetive Que, thankfully.

And you are right--being thick skinned is important in almost any worthwhile endeavor. So is the abillity to see the big picture when challenged and to respect the others viewpoint.

Now, back on topic.
Anyone care to post the Cleremont results? FBA site is not as quick as usual.

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