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Originally Posted by Meat Burner View Post
Just a brethren suggestion...try something in lump besides Cowboy!!!! Anything!!!
AMEN meat burner

Cowboy is not the best, greatest, or even good. its made of framing parts. not really hardwood.

Royal Oak lump costs me 2$ LESS than cowboy AND its is 3 pounds MORE. i can buy a 11.5 pound bag of RO lump for 6.37$

To answer your original question. Totally depends on the charcoal briquetts you use. they do have 100% all natural briqs which is lump in pillow form.

Here are a few in briq form:

Kingsford compititon
Stubbs 100% all natural
Wicked good

Briqs are great for even distrbution of heat and since they are all natural, the ones above, you get a very clean, crisp flavor. Lump is great for grilling because it does indeed burn way HOT. Since it burns hotter, it will burn faster. It does produce less ash which is nice. However, using it in a large charcoal basket, at times, can be annoying. The uneven shape of each piece sometimes frustrates people when trying to pack it in a space. But thats what a hammer is for right?

Some people swear they can taste a difference between kingsford blue bag and 100% natural briqs. I dont use anything but 100% natural because it is available and its a good price. Plus when people see me using lump, they think its a real wood fire that i slaved over to tend. hahaha

hope this helps
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