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Originally Posted by DesMar View Post
Sorry i did not post for a while. WAIT do not use!! Toulene is very harmfull. We use it to thin paint at work and if you do not use thick rubber gloves it will dry out your hands to almost white. I would suggest finding a food grade drum (with painted inside) and burn a couple of pallets in it.

Then wire wheel it clean and spray with Pam and season it a couple of times at 350`. That is what I did and have not looked back since.

Beware Toulene is a thinner, but stronger than your normal thinner you buy at HD.

Just my $.01

Thanks. The sticker on the barrel says " inhibited with less than 20 ppm of butyl hydroxy toulene"

I'll be taking the drum to a place to get it sandblasted. Thanks for the help!
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