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Thanks for the replies guys. I honestly think I have been under cooking my briskets or this was just a big fluke. To be honest I have done the probe test and then foil for a couple few hours. Normally temps were at or under *200. Seems that after a rest the brisket was tougher when I went to slice. Don't know but after a quick reheat in the micro wave this was some of the best I have ever made. I can't wait to do the next one. Maybe it was a fat side up thing! LOL

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You merely accidentally cooked a brisket the proper way. Which inversely means. everyone not cooking a brisket this way, well, ...please refer to HMK5 of the now retitled "Personal Attack Database" (Now Canned Insult Database).
"HMK5=No thanks. I got full from the relish table." Kind of makes me laugh. I watched one of your funk video's where you just pulled the brisket apart in your hands and this was just like that! I actually had a "funk vision" of you while I did it!

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what was ur rubb?
It was Wolfe Original Rub that I got from Larry Wolfe. Lots of turbinado sugar and smells really good IMO.
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