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Originally Posted by Hub View Post
If it smells bad, please don't cook it

Thanks Hub. This leads me to another question then. When I open cryovac butts, they stink. They always stink to some extent. Some smell worse than others, but they always stink no matter where I buy them.

The two butts that I'm cooking right now happen to stink more than others. I called the store and they assured me that they were fresh and that every cryvac butt they open from IBP smells bad. I watched them pull them from a box they said was fresh, and I have no reason to believe that this premium store would try to pass off bad meat. That doesn't mean it couldn't be bad but...

Are you expecting butt out of a cryvac not to stink? I've done my research on the forum here and there is a lot of discussion about stinky butts coming out of cryvac. Most say it's first exposure to oxygen, gas from processing, etc. My ribs NEVER stink, but butts always do.

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