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Originally Posted by OneHump View Post
Sorry for the confusion. I'm not talking about my butts. They aren't rancid. They're at 165 right now and smell amazing. They stunk when I popped the seal, but that's not abnormal for butts that come out of a cryovac.

I'm just talking in theory about a rancid piece of meat. Let's just say it has mold growing on it, is black and gray in spots and has been sitting in the sun for a week.

I'm having a hard time understanding if "safety" is always achieved at 200F, or if there are organisms that can survive.
Here's something I found that appears to answer your theoretical question:

In particular, this statement at the bottom:

"Once in the danger zone for two hours, the meat cannot be salvaged.Even cooking it to 500F will not make it safe, because the danger is not from the living bacteria (most of which are killed at around 140F) but because, when alive, they produced chemicals (toxins) which cannot be destroyed by heat."

To end this on a more savory note, the once-stinky but now amazing- smelling butts you have on now look great! Looking forward to the results of your smoke ring experiment and hope to never see you conduct a rancid butt test!

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