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Originally Posted by OneHump View Post
I opened a cryovac package of two IBP butts yesterday. I've had some stinky butts before, but this just about knocked me off my feet.

For the most part, this is normal. I know my butts where "fresh" out of a recently received IBP box. This will be, however, the last factory meat that I ever purchase. This has more to do with watching Food, Inc. than anything else, but there's a reason for that stink, and it's not because it came from a fresh farm raised hog.

For those of you in the know, I pose a question: Assuming you have the most rancid disgusting and decaying piece of meat possible - Does cooking it to 200F render it safe to eat?

I can only assume that the temps will kill off all known bacteria, but a rancid piece of meat will not have a favorable outcome in terms of flavor and/or texture.

Is my assumption accurage?

Well, technically, a high enough heat will kill any unpleasent bacteria, but you paid good money for the meat. Take it back and get a replacement or a refund.

"Safe to Eat" and "Tastes great" do not mean the same thing.


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