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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by deer slayer View Post
i've been thinking of using an aluminum fryer basket as a charcoal basket. would one with 11.25" diameter and 7" tall be a good consideration for $20 instead of using a grate and expanded metal to fabricate one?
I used one out of my 15 gallon pot today. Worked perfect with chunk charcoal.

I'm actually having trouble getting the temps down at this moment because of how my lid fitting. Fired it up with four 1" intakes open and both bungholes open. Hit and held at 400 degrees for half an hour. Removed the lid and soared above 550 above my thermometers reading ability.

Got it back down to 350 and grilled some chicken breasts. Little finnicky on temps still but came out tasty.

Right now I have one 1" intake open 1/8th of the way and I'm holding at 275 with just the little bung hole open. I'm going to mess with the lid this week to see about a better fit.
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