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Originally Posted by boatnut View Post
my only concern with using uncooked sausage is, by the time the sausage is safely cooked, the rest of the loin would be way overcooked , IMO. Any thoughts on this? Even when butterflying and spreading sausage/filling on the loin, then rolling and tying, I always pre-cook the sausage.
Never been a problem for me. I do this all the time. Never had a raw sausage and I'm never had overcooked pork.

Pork sausage cooked until 145 degrees is good to go. Pork loin cooked to 145 degrees is good to go. Together great. By pre-cooking the sausage you render out all the juices. The purpose of this technique is to have the juices baste from the inside out with those juices.

When butterflying a loin and then filling, rolling and tying you are looking for a particular flavor profile and not as much concerned with the internal basting technique. If I were doing it this way, I would also pre-cook the sausage.

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