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Default How does this BBQ business work?

Hi Y'all

You're gonna have to excuse me, I am very new and green, and in fact not from America at all - I stay in Scotland.

I have recently been thinking about taking up in business doing food at markets and weekend events. Looking into the world of BBQs I started to come across pictures of BBQ smoker trailers, and I have to tell you these are things I have never seen before, they are totally awesome!

In Scotland a BBQ is a 2' x 2' metal grill supported by bricks in which grown men burn meat. The BBQ smoker is totally another world......!

So I just wanted to ask a few questions. Feel free to ignore me if you can't help or its all a bit too basic, but its starting at the ground up.

From what I understand a BBQ smoker cooks at about 250F, so presumably you have to tend it for hours and hours. Do you guys do this overnight? I found some bold claims about time shortening rubs over at texasbbqrub do they make a difference?

Basically what I'm saying is I can imagine rolling up at an event and starting cooking, but not overnight as I think everyone around would help themselves whilst you sleep! So what can I cook in 4 or 5 hours?

I totally get the whole slow'n'low thing though, I strongly suspect there's no way of speeding it up other than cutting the joints smaller, otherwise its gonna be tough meat at the end of the day, and nobody wants that.

Is there no halfway between the BBQ smoker and a grill?

I am planning to get a propane tank of about 250gal, I presume that'll make a decent start to the whole thing, I have found a good bit about construction, but if anyone has any important tips feel free to share!

Again my apologies for lack of knowledge but I am here to learn!


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