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Originally Posted by moda253 View Post
I need to comment on this older post.

I don't undertand the infatuation with the statement of having to put your cooking grate at 24" above the coal grate.

First of all it seems that there is some variance between the height of the coal in each persons basket. We dump the hot coals on the top of the charcoal which is completely variable from system to system. The height of each persons charcoal basket and how much charcoal we put in our baskets makes the distance between the hot coals and the cooking grate a variable.

So when I read someone that is concerned about their cooking grate only being 22" above the bottom of their coal basket I have to wonder... does it really matter?

Now sure you don't want the meat right on top of the coals but I highly doubt that it's going to matter one way or the other here.
Amen, Moda253, It doesn't matter, Many think the dimensions are carved in stone. As for me, I just wanted 7" between my top and bottom grate. My charcoal basket has an adjustable bottom that I raise or lower depending on what I'm cooking. I can actually grill on my bottom grate if I need to.
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