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Originally Posted by kapndsl
Originally Posted by ricknct
After looking more closer at the site, I realize you guys are right. I think it is the gift certificates they ship free. So it's back to the hunt for the banderta. Home Depots around here say they don't have all their grills in yet this season, but the SKU # I gave them, comes up blank(133-742)
Will keep bugging them until they get more stock in. Thanks for all the advise guys, I'll keep you posted. If anyone hears of a site or store where I can find a New Braunfels bandera, let me know please.
It will most likely take an "out of region" search at Home Depot.
That requires a Manager to do it--the Dude or Dudette in Customer Service does not have the "database access horsepower"!
That is how I found mine and had it shipped in (their expense) as an inter-store transfer.

Thanks kapndsl, I'll go back tommorrow and talk to a real manager and hopefully get some answers.
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