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Originally Posted by CosmicCookin
Interesting delima for some of us--
Who do you "root for" when ya got several friends knocking heads?

You pose an interesting question. If you're not there as your team or workin' with someone you're there to win, otherwise just be happy for whoever wins and if it's a close friend that comes up on the short end, just be there.

The year's just started so anything can happen. There's alot of good cooks in the FBA. We hope most all are our friends and we do have a few close friends, so it isn't an issue of choosin' sides. It's more like help those that have helped you and do the best ya can for the rest.
I'm in total agreement with you--my thoughts and attitude exactly!
"Great Tims think alike"

My post was not carefully worded--I was "Pondering" the Public "Go-get-ums" and other comments we post here on the Forum.
I certainly don't want to leave anyone out when "rooting for them", because they are all great!
Also, a poorly thought out post can accidently SLAM or insult a team if I/WE am not careful with wording, even though nothing was meant by it.
Probably "diplomacy overdone" on my part, but that is the way I was raised

Now, in private, my favorite team is, and I root for.....nevermind

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