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Kevin, I go through a local supplier for ribs, Sam's for briskie and butts, and another supplier for other items. Starting out, use RD or Costco accounts to get what you need. Once you establish what kind of volume you dealing with, you can shop prices between suppliers or staying with warehouse stores. To work with suppliers, you will most likely need a tax ID number to get the wholesale price.

Unfortunately, way lower prices mean a high volume. So, as mentioned before, find another reputable consumer and create a small buying group. I have developed a small one with a local tavern.

Just a small bit of advice, Kevin. Go out and cater first. You will get a better taste of what you have to go through to get ready without putting cash out on the table with no guarantee of return. Food biz is extremely hard work, but can also be very rewarding. It's all about what you want to put into it, and get out of it.

Good luck.
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