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Originally Posted by lunchlady View Post
It is tough to justify the $, especially right now, BUT I honestly dont see how someone can know if chicken is done by just looking at the skin. We probe every piece to be sure, only takes a sec!

It's not that hard, when the skin is black then I know it's done. haha. Actually it's not that hard. After cooking enough chicken over the years it's just one of those acquired skills that only comes with time and lots of cookouts. I might not know if the meat is 168.2 degrees but I do know when it's done.

But I will add that I have only cooked chicken for a catered gig once, for a friend that I did not charge, so my opinion doesn't count for much. If I cooked for Joe Public then yea I would probably probe at least a few to just be sure. I didn't realize this was in the Catering Forum. (not paying attention mod)
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