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Originally Posted by cmcadams View Post
I wanted to get word out early this year, as I know people are already planning events here and there. We'll be having the 4th, yes 4th, annual Pretty Good BBQ in Dayton, Ohio, on May 14-15. It's a bit early this year, as it's the weekend after Mother's Day, and Mother's Day is as early as it can be this year.

What's a Pretty Good BBQ?
It's a bbq event in Dayton, Ohio, at the North Campus of the Dayton Vineyard Church. We'll be cooking 750 pounds of boston butts and brisket overnight on Saturday to Sunday. Along the way, the cooks will do demos of rib trimming, MOINK ball making, ABT stuffing, coffee roasting, and anything else we can come up with for men from the church to learn from (as well as the other cooks).

We had guys from, I think, 7 states last year. We're hoping for even more, and this year should continue to get smoother even. We'll have volunteers overnight for pit assistants, cleanup, whatever, and volunteers earlier on Sunday to start getting ready to serve. I've even had several guys from church say they were going to cook this year.

If you don't realize it, those of you that have done this before, you do impact a community. People are already asking me about it this year, and they do look forward to it very much, both attendees and servers.

I'd also be glad to hear any improvements cooks from last year would like to see for this year.

One of the things I really enjoyed last year was how the police came by so often, and, instead of just being there, joined us and ate our food, had fun and relaxed a bit. We fed them, the dispatchers and the emergency room crew at a local hospital overnight.

If you are interested and haven't done this before, just ask any questions you have!
If they're like me, they wanted a nap afterward.
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