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Originally Posted by SwampassJ View Post
Burned out my drum today and started wire wheeling it. Holy **** this is thing is taking for ever to wire wheel out. I've spent about 40 minutes and I've only managed to remove the top 1/3rd of the barrels liner and my hands are killing me now from holding on the drill.

Am I missing a valuable tip in this thread about doing this? And after doing the top 1/3 I'm dreading getting down to the bottom. Am I going to have to lie down with my head in the barrel? I don't want to spend 40 minutes bent at the waste trying to reach the bottom.
If you are still working on it, I used a weed burner before wire brushing, it made very quick work of the inside liner, heat it from the outside and it will burn the inside liner off. If you put the torch inside, it will just burn out as it consumes the oxygen so rapidly.
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