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Originally Posted by SLCMACK View Post
Yea, I probed it in several spots and maybe I should have waited a little longer. It went in pretty easy, but the whole probe didn't make it the whole length of the probe. Should I have let it keep going in the foil? I know its supposed to go in like butta but maybe the whole probe is supposed to go in like butta? Thanks
I do not punch a 6" hole into my brisket, no, I use the probe for about a couple inches at most. If it is done, it will be soft to the probe pretty quickly. There is another way, you can actually touch the brisket with your fingers, if you are not sensitive to heat, and feel the softness between the grains. Probing is better than using your fingers though.

I am not a fan of foil for a hot-n-fast cook (maybe I didn't say that before). I just think with the heat and speed, foiling adds another wild card to be controlled. As btcg said, if the flat is one of the thinner ones, hot-n-fast may not be the best that I reread your post, what was your temp and what did you cook in? A lot of doing a good brisket, regardless of temperature and time, is getting the connective tissue to render before the meat burns. This can be done in many different ways.
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