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Default Dry Brisket Question?? Need Help

I smoked a brisket yesterday, fast and high style. It was about 6.5lb brisket that I injected some Red Creek into and rubbed with Montreal Steak spices and garlic salt. I foiled the brisket at 165degrees and squirted with Beef Broth and put some in the foil as well. I pulled the brisket out of the smoker at 200degrees and wrapped in a towel for about an hour. I was dissapointed with the dryness of the brisket even though it pulled apart the way a good brisket does. Any input on why this thing was dry? This is my second brisket cooked high and fast. I love this method as a time saver but need to get down and figure out why is was dry. Thanks for any suggestions or input. Sean
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