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Default "Dessert" Competetions--my thoughts

We did the "Dessert Competetion" at Mobile.
First time ever.
Background info is here:
Post subject: Decadent Desert-Raspberry Tiramisu Posted: Feb 06, 2005 - 09:39 AM

I prepped the Terisimu following Karen's instructions (almost) exactly.
One minor Boo-Boo. No harm, no foul, no problem.

We go to turn it in. The entries in the line looked like the chefs at the Food Network prepared them
Wish I had my camera, but I never saw so much fine china and inspiration in the presentations! Flowers, Ribbons, Linen Napkins, and innovation to die for!
Immediate Cold Feet Mod
I even called Karen ASAP in Orlando and told her not to spend her winnings. She was in Target at the time

We actually wound up 19th out of 38 entries.
The normal Southern Brethren DAM (Dead Ass Middle) score
I am proud to even be DAM in that field.
When I went to pick up the bowl and spoon, many of the entries were a third to half eaten. Ours was GONE! Felt good!

Mobile was a major meet with many "full time Pro" teams. It would not surprise me if some of them had a "Dessert Chef" on retainer
I am sure a local event would not be so "Chi-Chi".

So, if you want to do "Desserts" some day:
1. I would go to one first and look at the "turn in line". See how demanding it is in your area. If you don't get a chance to look ahead of time--just "go for it" if you want.
2. Be sure you have a dessert that is easy (real easy) to prep on site. We were fortunate to have lots of time on Friday to fuss with this and then slap it in the RV Frig till Saturday.
3. Don't be afraid to "be bold" with flavors. We were concerned that the distinctive and bold flavors would be a turn-off to some. Apparently not so!
4. Kevin and Clara (HomeBBQ) are consistant winners in this catagory. Sir Jim Minion gave me some pointers to get ready. I am sure if you have questions--the answers will "POP UP" if you ask.

Lots of fun--but not the Core of competetion. Glad we did it, but a long time till we try again

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