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Originally Posted by stglide View Post
Thanks for the link... Interesting concept with the two baffles. I started using one on my cooks, just using a simple pizza pan with holes in it. Found a larger 16" pan w/ bigger holes that I'm going to modify slightly and try out. I do like using a diffuser, as my meats are more evenly cooked, especially when cooking more than one piece that you can't center over the heat.

Only draw back I've found is it takes a little longer to cook, and use a little more fuel, but for me the end results are well worth it.
Glad I could add something good to the thread.
The "little more fuel" is still a far cry from the GOBS of fuel I had to use with my offset during the colder season. In late Fall I would need over 1 bag of charcoal! But with UDS I can do the same thing with a 1/3rd of a bag in much colder temps of the Winter.
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