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I am looking for a pot that can give me 195F water reliably, not a coffee maker, just a hot water pot. I am thinking of messing with pour-over coffee next. Think Melitta filters here but, way more snobby.

I prefer to drink coffee, whether black or altered in the luke warm range, yes, I know, scalding hot is the way most drink it. I prefer it just around 120F to 150F at most. And for black coffee, I find I get the best flavor at 150F (stop clutching our chest Ron) it is also the temperature I like testing (not cupping) coffee at.

I have not had most common grocery store brands in a long time, I have had Peet's and Starbucks and find that in my travels to odd spots in CA, there is always a way to get consistent coffee from a Starbucks.

Also, and I get grief for this, I like to cut a bigger hole in my coffee cup lid on both sides so the coffee spills out and pours clean into my mouth, I really hate dribbled coffee and don't always have my travel coffee cup with me. Oooo, hey Ron, how about a review of travel cups and the materials and such.
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