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Default help a java newb the ropes

ok so i read through your general information, and came to some questions..

first off are you hittin the juice straight? no sugar, no cream... nothing extra?

Second is there a certain temp at which coffee is best brewed then served.

(i know with tea's say black tea is typically steeped in boiling water {by some} but green tea if brewed at the same temp will infact "burn" and taste bitter... so it must be brewed at cooler temps to maintain it's flavor integrity, and white tea even lower temps)

on the roast flavor profiles what ...or where do supermarket roasts end up like folgers say... you mentioned that a certain seattle company almost burns the beans.

how do other company's coffee's rank with you (if you even partake anymore) here's a few, organize them for you fave to least

Dunkin Donuts
Maxwell House
Seattle's Best....
Til next time, chew carefully, and dont let your meat loaf!

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