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Default WoodHouse at Mobile

Side story from the Mobile Cookoff.

Brother Mike (Woodhouse Grill) from the FBA elects to compete at Mobile and forgo the FBA and jeoprodise his lead in the "Team of the Year" chase by not competeting at Crestview (FBA)..
Business decision, I am sure.

Turns out--Woodhouse winds up being the one and only cook at a major event filled with "Super Stars".
So, DF and I checked on Mike periodically, but he was always in control (if not fully awake)!
I now wished I had taken a pic of Mike at 3AM, wrapped in a blanket, "hugging his cooker" to stay warm, and declining "help"!
The stuff memories are made of

WoodHouse (Mike) "walked 2 times" at awards (to the best of my memory)
His wife obviously had to wake him up to go up to the stage

My hat is off to a true competetor (and fine human being)!

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