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Originally Posted by ssbbqguy-mo View Post
Look up sponsor hunts or something similar in the archives. What is said above is correct, but lacks explaining of how and why.The one main thing is to be of benefit to that sponsor. It should be a trade-off for whatever aggrement reached.If you can't help each other, then don't start a relationship. The reality is so many think they are worth six figure contracts, when they are not. Steve.
Very true!

I am new to BBQ but have been around tournament fishing a bit as a tournament director, tournament fisherman and fishing radio show host. What I learned is the best tournament fisherman may not always be the best to sponsor. The guy that goes out and hustles the product, shows up, helps the sponsor with promotions on their own time etc and makes it an even give and take relationship is the one that will have lasting sponsors.

Even when you get a sponsor you have to decide if it is really worth it ie everything comes with a price.

If you do want a larger sponsor for $$ have a gameplan to let them know what you can do for them even if it is you agree to cook at there car lot during a radio promotion etc or agree to cook for them at a private party. We would often trade fishing trips as part of a sponsorship package, do seminars etc.
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