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Wandering around with a bag of matchlight, looking for a match.
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Thanks bro! I could use a nice all day smoker that doesn't need too much maintenance so I could do some over nite or while-I'm-at-work cooking. I got a Smokenator/Hovergrill recently for my Weber but am thinking that's just a bit much maintenance-wise for longer cooks.

The drum looks like a great way to go but I'm not nearly as handy as my brother nor do I have his tool collection (or workspace for that matter). I think if I found a drum that doesn't need too much prep (removing liner or paint etc) I could get into making a UDS. Altho this time of year here is the time to have a big ol' barrel fire on the other hand. It will live on a wood deck so a cradle on wheels like my brother's got or just a layer of brick?

Now about being a farker...if I'm not already qualified after all these years, I suppose I could just use the search function (or my imagination?).

PS Just saw that matchlight thing...I don't think I could cook anything on that stuff...guess I've got some readin' to do to see how I can get rid of that...

Thanks in advance for any help/tips...

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