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Originally Posted by Groundhog66 View Post
I would really like to start doing that (butts as well), but I have yet to purchase an injector
I make (and occationally sell) a great 1 gallon pump up sprayer injector that absolutely ROCKS! No refilling, no crappy plungers, no fat monster needles that make a hole so big that the injection just leaks right out... Fill it with your juice, pump it up and start jabbing meat!

The large capacity makes it great if you have alot of briskets to inject. I'll never inject with anything else.

Here's a couple pics with the stubby 16ga needle installed. The needle flips around and stores inside the tip backwards when not in use.

Originally Posted by Groundhog66 View Post
What are injection streaks?
Originally Posted by ssbbqguy-mo View Post
Streaking is caused from colors of the injection in reference of the meat colors.In example, light colored pork tenderloin with my plum habenaro jelly will leave little stains of flavor. Not Bacteria. Throw the needle and injector away after use. Usually when I see streaking it's caused by too big of needle.
Yup! Most beef bullion and broths contain some carmel or natural colors, they concentrate in the injection area and leave "track marks". Spices will do the same thing.
I prefer a 16 gauge needle and if I'm doing brisket I use a 1 1/2" one - short, but you don't need a long sucker since you really don't need to worry about going any deeper than that. The smaller diameter needle helps the meat seal itself up to hold the injection in once you remove the needle. Kinda like when you get a shot.
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