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Originally Posted by Goddahavit View Post
This is the part, that I find troubling, personally i have this issue, any suggestions aside form a trip to your place to remedy the never eaten good Q?
Not that i'm opposed to a trip......

Weather mine is good or not, is undetermined, but I find it difficult to order Q anyplace, I am continually disappointed, and brisket, don't get me started on where in PA to find a good brisket, it is difficult for me to make a brisket when I have never tasted a good one.

I might have to disagree though on the clock and temp probe being the real issues.
To me the real issues are people being stubborn, or not understand what is meant when they are told to probe, or feel. It takes a lot of cooking to develop and understand done, (for me anyway) people are stubborn or not willing to spend the money on cooking large amounts of meat.

I have personally made the mistake of telling people when its going to be done, only to be serving burgers and dogs because its not ready and they are unwilling to wait, lesson learned, done early resting long before the time people are expecting to eat.

Its done when its done, so have coolers or cambros ready.....and be done early, rather than late.

Thanks for he discussion.


And thank you for the contemplative response
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