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We often are fully aware that how a person REALLY cooks and how what is placed online or in a book can differ. I think I cited once before what REALLY went into Mikiskas sauce and rub on a Bobby Flay VIDEO show once was ENTIRELY different from what was posted as the recipe on the Food TV cite.
I see this all the time and this is one of the things that bugs me the most. Why cant they just tell us the damn ingredients rather than screwing us over. I mean, theres politics even in cooking. Cooking should be fun and the kitchen should be a kick ass place, not like what you see on hells kitchen and what not. I know that people are paid to create certain recipes but if your gonna give it out on tv or the web, make it the same. i know some of the recipes that have been released from various restaurant, such as, olive garden, cheesecake factory and what not, they claim to be the ones they use at the restaurant, but they aint. Some cook books are the same way.

awesome post abut simmering and marinates. I have said that to many people before. marinating, simmering, wrapping in foil, its all kinda the same thing. KINDA. foil is liek simmering in a way. marinating is just a cold "simmer" haha that infuses the meat with flavor.

thanks for the info though. However, due to my young age, i notice you mentioned alot about the NASA program and mercury program. Just wondering IF that is related to the book in any way or if it was just a time reference. thanks

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