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Originally Posted by homebbq
Hey Tim,

They are trying to eliminate the wide variance in appearance scores. They will also try to do some educating on tenderness scores. There should not be a wde variance there either. Taste, a wide variance could be expected.
Good deal any way they do it.
I think any time a topic is brought up like this, the better!
Gets the Judges (and teams) thinking, and that is always productive.

I think I saw somewhere that KCBS is considering a short re-training or re-certification class for Judges every 2 years or so.
That would be a godsend also for the same reason.
Helps get us back to the basics of the guidelines and refresh our memories on what they really are.

I personally think even taste could be more consistant than it is--of course never perfect. But, if Judges honored the instructions to ignore their personal preference for sauce or not, things would be better. Also, we were told in training that whether it was spicey, sweet, or "whatever" flavor, we were to judge it in terms of "Is it a good application of the chosen flavor?" (or words to that effect).
That guidance never made it out the door
Obviously, never take the human out of it, but Judges could be looking for quality, not just a taste that they love. JMHO

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