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Default Small change in FBA Judging Rules

Received this email from FBA.
For those who might have missed it, here it is.
To all FBA Certified Judges and Cook Teams.

In a motion passed by the Board of Directors today we are changing the word Appearance to the word Presentation in all documentation, reports, and manuals effective today.

As a Judge you have been judging Presentation all along but we've been calling it Appearance. This should put an end to the confusion. Presentation is what the box of food looks like at first glance. Did the team take the time to put the meat in the box carefully and in such a manner that it is appealing to the eye? Does the meat look good enough to eat? Is the overall presentation one that makes you want to eat it? Does it look better than a "to go box" from a barbecue joint that's been bounced around in the car on your way home? Does the food look better than the food you get in a barbecue joint or your neighbor's backyard? Questions like these will help you determine an accurate score for Presentation.

Nothing changes in the manner in which you score. You will still start at 7.5 as an average presentation and then score up or down from there. An average presentation for pork, for example, would be a box of shredded pork just tossed into the box. A better presentation for pork, for example, would be where the shredded pork formed a nice evenly distributed bed in the box. Neither of these examples are meant to designate any particular score. That is up to you the judge to decide when you look at the box. The teams have always strived to present their entries in a manner that is befitting of a fine restaurant and that will not change. The teams also know the difference between a nice presentation and sculpting in the box. This is not an issue here.

If there are questions regarding this change please feel free to ask them now. As always, to the judges go our thanks for making the FBA the finest sanctioning body in the world, and to the cook teams the best of luck in all your cooking!

Ricky Ginsburg
For the Board of Directors
Small change, but glad they are looking at things.

His Pork example is the hardest meat entry (IMHO) to be creative with.
But, I guess it can be done.

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